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This new method of product design combines four sources of product innovation — customer feedback, market research, internal feedback, and the latest science of thriving — to offer a deeper understanding of human needs and how to meet them, as well as a guide to making better product design decisions.

The Positive Product Design Guide

The Positive Product Design Guide gives tech creators the foundation to design and build technology that measurably unlocks human potential. Inspired by the latest self-actualization science, Positive Product Design helps tech creators design products that help people realize their full potential and measure their positive impact.

The Human Potential Index

Developed alongside leading self-actualization scientist, Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman and cognitive psychologist, Dr. Jeff Smith, the Human Potential Index is currently the most complete measure of human potential. It quantifies 30+ needs that are central to human thriving to help tech designers and organizations assess whether their technology is positive technology.

Both the Guide and the Human Potential Index are free and will stay that way.

Positive Product Design Guide
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