Positive Product Design
A Method for Creating
Positive Technology

Positive Product DesigN TM

A Method for Creating
Positive Technology

“Technology has the potential to increase the tonnage of human happiness on our planet.”

— Martin Seligman, Father of Positive Psychology

The problem with technology, boy with multiple notifications.

The Problem

Most of today’s technology–especially social media apps–have been optimized for company growth and profit at the expense of people’s time, attention, and well-being. Many apps haven’t been designed to protect people’s attention or minimize the potential harm. Even fewer apps have been designed in an attempt to meet people’s deeper psychological needs. And we have been suffering as a result.

Two people using Positive Product Design to change

Time for a change

Today there is a huge opportunity for tech creators. Leveraging the latest positive psychology research, tech designers can develop technology that not only protects human vulnerabilities but also helps people realize their full potential.

Tech Creators, Meet
Positive Product Design

This new method of product design combines four sources of product innovation–customer feedback, market research, internal feedback, and the latest science of thriving–to offer a deeper understanding of human needs and how to meet them, as well as a guide to making better product design decisions.

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Let’s build technology people can trust

The mission of Positive Product Design is to help tech creators build positive technology that helps people realize their full potential. Originally developed at 15Five, pioneer of continuous performance management software, Positive Product Design helps businesses be a force for good.

Boy building technology we can trust

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